Why Yext?

Yext is the Foundation for Directories

We begin our online listings for local business with Yext.  We are a yext partner and we believe they offer a foundational service for listing your business online.  Yext provides a central portal for you business that can’t be changed or accessed by other businesses.  Locking your online business makes sure that there is not duplicate sites listings which could affect your business listing.

Yext Analytics

Yext provides review analytics to find out what is being said about your business online.  If you get a bad review you definitely want to know about it.  The worse course of action is to do nothing and let your bad reviews sit online for your potential customers to see.  Customers know that you can’t please everyone.  What they are interested in is the same thing you are interested in when you do business, a company that cares and takes action to make things right.  Not responding to negative online reviews gives the impression tha your company does not care.

Yext – Social Media

Another cool thing about listing with Yext is they allow you to post to Social Media from your Yext dashboard.  You can use Yext to stay in touch with your customers and let them know when your having online specials for your business.  If you are serious about growing your business we highly recommend you get started with Yext today.  If you have’nt checked your company’s listing do so now.

Yext listing

If you have already checked you listing then call us today and let us walk you through how we can sign you up to get your business in front of potential customers who are looking for your services online.


It doesn’t stop with Yext!  While we believe Yext is where you start online it is definitely not where you stop.  Your competitor’s know that having their listings in Business Directories that are unique to your business is important.  If we just stopped with all the Yext listings then your competitor could come along and list with additional important sites in your area of expertise and easily out rank you.  So we don’t stop with Yext.  We start with Yext to make sure your business site is locked and secure for the Yest listings.  After that we run a report on your local business and see what your competitors are listing for in business directories and it needs to be done in such away that is consistent with what you already have.  We then go out and add your local listing to the appropriate sites.  We don’t just list you with any directory.  That could be harmful to your rankings.  We look for the “right” directories for your business.  Why not get started today!  Delaying the process any longer just gives your competitors an unfair advantage over you.

Asset or Liability

Have your ever thought about your marketing online?  Is it an asset or Liability?  Well it depends.  If you are advertising with pay per click as soon as the money runs out so does the display of your ads.  Marketing online through citation directories is really an asset of your business.  It only goes away if you remove the listings.  That means if you ever decide to sale your business, your online marketing should be consider regarding the value of your business.  That being said I hope you can see that your online presence is actually an asset of your business that can add great value to your company.