Reputation – Marketing or Managing

When it comes to your companies reputation, do you market or manage?  Most companies are managing their reputation and are therefore missing out on a huge opportunity.  It has been said if a customer is not happy with your service they will tell 10 other people of their bad experience.  If they are delighted with you quality of service they may tell one to two other people.  It seems like the playing field is a little uneven.  What if you could take you happy customers and let them speak to others for your business.  What if they could tell potentially thousands of people about their good experience and why they like doing business with you.  Do you think that would be beneficial to your present business?  I think the answer is obvious!  Happy customers speaking for your business telling them how great you are.  I hope you are beginning to realize the potential for Reputation Marketing!

Managing Comes First

However, before you can market your reputation you have to have a system to find out what your customers are saying about you online.  You have to be able to find the reviews of your customers.