CanYour Customers Find You?

In Real Estate it is all about Location, Location, Location.  We have all heard it said time and again. Build your business where your customers do business.  Today, local businesses have 2 locations.  There is a phycial address and there is an online address.  We all know that your customers are online, but can they find your business?  How do you get your business in front of potential customers who are looking for you.  Most buisiness owners would like to have their Online business to be on the front page of Google when customers look for their service.  No doubt that would be a great place to be for your online listing, but how do you get there?

Give the Search Engines What They Want

If you want your business to be available to potential customers you have to provide the Search Engines the information they need to rank your business.  They are many factors involved in ranking a business online and one of them is having your business listed with what is called Citation Directories.  These are websites like Yelp, Foursquare, and Yellowpages that have become aggregators of online businesses.  It is not only important that your business be listed with these directories, but you should make sure the information that is listed is accurately displayed.  Having duplicate information that is not consistent will cause you problems with customers, business directories and the search engines.  We can help you to make sure that your business is properly listed with the directories that are important for you field of business.  To find out what your business looks like online regarding the Business Directory Sites Just Click the link.

Your Business Listing